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Tuscan pot with lid


Made entirely by hand on the potters wheel including pot lid

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Instructions for use and maintenance of the manufacturer.

The terracotta pots are suitable for all preparations that require slow cooking such as braised meats, roasts, sauces and vegetables.
The pots can be used directly on the flame with the use of the flame spreader, on the electric plate and in traditional ovens.
When using for the first time, it is necessary to immerse the pot with a lid in cold water for 24 hours to dry it and then use it for cooking.
For cleaning, use neutral soap with an anti-scratch sponge to avoid altering the internal surface of the pots.

Francesco is able to make the objects of his collections in different sizes provided for the customer.
The objects being made by hand are unique pieces therefore if not available they will be shipped in about twenty days.

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Ø 30 H 12 Kg. 4,0, Ø 26 H 12 Kg. 3,7, Ø 22 H 12 Kg. 3,2


Products made exclusively by hand in Italy by Aiazzi Francesco, Cristalleria Ceramica Artigiana.
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