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Artichoke in Ceramic


Realized in pottery made on the lathe, in its creation it collects the characteristics of the artichoke with the slightly hinted nuances given by the artist’s only manual touch. It is well suited as a piece of furniture on the tables or bookcases of our homes.

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Artichoke collection

Made of ceramic on the lathe, first creating the smooth cap where after having slightly dried the clay to the right hardness, the base is equally hand-forged and one by one the leaves to which with the touch of the fingers and the artistic ability of Francesco is given that movement and lightness that make each piece a unique, light and elegant work of art.

they are colored in antique white, showing some nuances of the color of the clay that was underneath.

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H. 34 Kg. 3, H. 26 Kg. 2,5, H. 22 kg. 2


Green, White


Products made exclusively by hand in Italy by Aiazzi Francesco, Cristalleria Ceramica Artigiana.
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